The EDE track

As participants in the EDE track, dentists complete their preparations for work in the Netherlands over the course of several months. Starting off with the selection of suitable dentists in Spain, the track continues with an intensive language course and civic integration course at the Wetterstein Academy in Seefeld, Austria. The third part of the EDE track takes place in the Netherlands. This initially involves an internship, and finally a job at a dental practice. EDE’s project coordinators not only function as your point of contact, but also as counsellors for both dentists and dental practices throughout the process.

The EDE track in a nutshell

  • Thorough vetting and selection procedure in Spain.
  • Language course and civic integration course at the Wetterstein Academy in Austria.
  • Getting acquainted with the directors of Dutch dental practices.
  • A training course to obtain Radiation Certificate 5 A/M.
  • Assistance with applications for insurance cover and permits
  • Assistance with registration under the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (Wet BIG) in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium, with the local authority, as general practitioner,  the Quality Register for Dentists (KRT)
  • Introduction to dentistry in the Netherlands.
  • Follow-up language training in the Netherlands and an oficial state exam.
  • Social activities.