What is EDE?

European Dental Education (EDE) works to counsel, guide and supervise European professionals who are planning to work in the Netherlands. Based on the belief that true craftsmanship can move across borders, we have begun to prepare and groom Spanish and Portuguese dentists for a career in the Dutch workforce. Our approach has turned out to be a big success, and we are currently working to expand our organization to more countries as well as to more professions.

IMG 9094Intensive training for dentists

The dentists take part in an intensive language and civic integration course at the Wetterstein Academy in Austria. Our project coordinators provide personal guidance and supervision and assist in all the paperwork that comes with starting a professional career in the Netherlands.

An easy start for motivated professionals

EDE prides itself on building great relationships with potential dentists as well as with the dental practices that are part of our network. When we say that we know what both parties are looking for this is no idle boast, as we have the experience to back it up. That’s why the highly motivated professionals we select are off to a great start at Dutch practices.