The EDE track for students in Seefeld

Our team at your service

The staff of Hotel Wetterstein will take excellent care of you during your stay in Seefeld. Your teachers will help you to master Dutch and tell you everything there is to know about life in the Netherlands. EDE’s project coordinators are already making arrangements for your move to the Netherlands, like registering you under the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (Wet BIG) and applying for a social security number. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can talk to them or the recruiters.

Time to relax

Your days will be arduous, but there will be plenty of time to relax. The hotel is ideally located for numerous activities: swimming, hiking, running, working out, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, langlaufing, mountain climbing and much more. Innsbruck, Munich and Verona are just around the corner: great places for a weekend trip.

Getting pampered at Hotel Wetterstein

The staff of Hotel Wetterstein goes all out to make sure your hard work is rewarded with top notch service in a luxurious environment. You’ll have a room with private bathroom and television, on the basis of full board accommodation. Three times a day, the chefs will prepare delicious meals. Additionally, laundry and ironing facilities are at your disposal, as are all sorts of opportunities to exercise. We also regularly organize movie nights and “getting acquainted” parties. That’s what the Dutch like to call “being wrapped in cotton balls” (being pampered).

Intensive course in language and integration

You’ll be trained by three language teachers and two communications teachers. They’ll do everything they can to get you to the B1 level as fast as possible. Not only are you taught the language, but you will also learn everything about Dutch life in your civic integration course. From skating the Elfstedentocht (Eleven cities tour) to eating kale (boerenkool), from riding a bike in the city to celebrating a birthday at your neighbour’s house.

Working in groups divided up by level

The teachers will divide you and the other candidates into groups. You’ll find yourself with fellow students who are at a level comparable to your own. You’ll be tested frequently to pinpoint your proficiency level. The results of these tests are used to decide whether you’re ready for a higher level or not. At the end of the training course, you’re expected to have mastered the Dutch language to B1 level.

‘Dentist in the Netherlands’ course

Working as a dentist in the Netherlands is different to what you have been used to. Dutch dentists will teach you everything that is expected of you when treating patients in the Netherlands: what dental terms to use, what protocols to follow, and what fees to charge. Through roleplaying, information sessions and lots of practice, you will be fully prepared and ready to go to work as soon as you get to the Netherlands.

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