Select candidates yourself

Twice a year, EDE trains a new group of dentists. The sooner you get to know the candidates in one of these groups, the better your chances of obtaining the best possible people for your practice. You have the options of meeting the dentists on our training course through video presentations, Skype interviews and, possibly, during a meet and greet weekend in Seefeld.

IMG 9036Internship at your practice

Once a dentist has mastered the Dutch language to B1 level, they are all set to go to the Netherlands. You might consider offering an internship to one of our dentists, as this is the best way to acquire Dutch work experience. Internships last a maximum of four weeks. If you’re satisfied with your intern, you can hire them. We do ask that you offer proper supervision. Because they are highly motivated, you’ll notice they are quick to adjust and eager to learn. It is, of course, also possible to hire a candidate other than your intern. EDE will work with you throughout the placement track.

Contract offers

If the internship was mutually satisfactory, you can offer the dentist a contract or engagement agreement. EDE offers guidance with all necessary arrangements, saving you and your employees a lot of work. EDE will continue to maintain regular contact with you and your new Spanish or Portuguese colleague during their employment at your practice.