Why have an EDE dentist in your practice?

EDE allows you to choose from a wide variety of dentists for your practice. Our Spanish and Portuguese dentists speak B1 level Dutch, have successfully completed a civic integration course and will continue to receive guidance, supervision and education from EDE. You can count on a highly motivated colleague who’ll quickly adjust to your practice.

Selected dentists

All dentists who come to the Netherlands through EDE meet certain standards. We select our dentists based on character and skills in dentistry, among other criteria. This way we can guarantee you’ll be working with motivated, enterprising and great young dentists. The dentists receive guidance and supervision throughout the process: from applying in Spain or Portugal to taking their place as a fully integrated and excellently functioning colleague in your practice. EDE prides itself on its team of specialized recruiters who have extensive networks in the Netherlands as well as in Spain, who are thoroughly familiar with both the Spanish and Dutch cultures and job markets.

Intensive education and civic integration course

All dentists take part in a 3-month, intensive education track at the Wetterstein Academy in Austria. There they’ll learn Dutch (including dental terms) and get acquainted with Dutch customs.

EDE takes care of everything

Moving to another country is no easy feat, involving all sorts of arrangements and bureaucratic procedures. We support every dentist during every stage of their new career, making sure you, your colleagues and your practice hardly need to get involved. Our services range from arranging registration under the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (Wet BIG), to finding housing, choosing a health plan and obtaining a social security number. All you need to do, is support and guide the dentist at work. That way they will be able to quickly familiarise themselves with the demands and protocols of your particular practice and work accordingly. Being highly motivated and eager to work, they’ll adjust in no time.

Regular contact

EDE will regularly contact you to review your Spanish or Portuguese dentist’s progress. We’ll discuss their work at your practice and plan regular evaluations, continuously improving the process.

IMG 9363You choose

You can select the dentist who will best suit your practice. Contact us in good time with details of your needs and of the requirements the candidates need to meet. We will then send you a number of curriculum vitaes. If we’ve managed to pique your curiosity, then we could arrange for you to meet a number of dentists while they are still in training at the Wetterstein Academy in Seefeld. The candidates have recorded video messages for this purpose. Interested in one or more candidates? We can arrange Skype interviews with your dentist of choice. If you’re not sure yet, you are more than welcome to come to Seefeld for a visit, to personally meet our dentists.

An EDE dentist:

  • is highly motivated, enterprising, registered under the Individual Healthcare Professions Act and eager to work in your practice;
  • speaks B1 level Dutch and takes follow-up classes in the Netherlands and a state exam
  • will receive intensive guidance with registrations and applications, including registration with the Quality Register for Dentists (KRT), the Dutch Dental Association (ANT/NMT), making sure you don’t need to worry about any of it;
  • is in possession of the 5A/M radiation certificate and has been tested for and inoculated against Hepatitis B;
  • will be evaluated by EDE on a regular basis.