FAQ: frequently asked questions

Here you'll find frequently asked questions about EDE. If you cannot find an answer to your question, we kindly ask to you use our contact form.

  • Why is there a shortage of dentists in the Netherlands?

    Each year, a limited number of students are admitted to pursue a course of study in dentistry. More than a third of Dutch dentists are over the age of 50, and the rapidly aging workforce has a strong effect on the market. Another factor is the high percentage of female dentists, who more often work part-time because of family obligations. All of this leads to a large number of job openings in the Dutch job market.

  • What salary can I expect?

    For salary details please contact EDE.

  • Who select the candidates?

    The candidates are thoroughly vetted and selected by EDE.

  • Over what period can I pay off my debt to EDE?

    From the moment the study agreement is signed, you pay EDE a set amount every month. You have a maximum of three years in which to pay off your debt.

  • Why is the course taught in Austria?

    EDE‘s special course hotel, the Wetterstein Academy, is located in Seefeld, Austria – which is conveniently central in Europe.

  • What is the 30% ruling and who is eligible?

    The 30% ruling is a ruling created especially for foreign professionals coming to work in the Netherlands. The ruling means in essence that your income taxes will be lower. The Dutch tax authorities decide whether or not you are eligible. The main requirement is that you are specialized in a profession for which demand exceeds supply in the Dutch job market.

  • When do the selection interviews take place?

    The selection interviews take place twice a year in Barcelona. In January for the course that starts in March, and in June for the course starting in September.

  • What is the average monthly income for a Dutch person?

    The mean income before taxes in 2012 has been set at €33,000, which amounts to €2,750 per month before taxes (about €1,800 per month after taxes). However, the mean income is not the same thing as the average income. The average Dutch income is lower than the figure quoted above.

  • Before I make a decision to enter into a study agreement, is it possible for me to come to the Netherlands and meet the practice staff and EDE?

    Yes, that’s definitely possible. Once you have been selected as a candidate in Barcelona, you are welcome to come and visit a practice for a meet and greet. EDE will make arrangements for your visit.

  • What are the criteria to be eligible for selection?
    • Citizenship of an EU member state.
    • Graduation from a dentistry programme at a university in an EU member state.
    • A good command of English.
    • A minimum of two years’ full-time experience.

    Another important focus of our selection process is character. We are looking for communicative and socially skilled people, who are driven, eager to learn, and excellent team players.

  • Who pays for the flight to Seefeld?

    EDE pays for your flight to Seefeld.

  • Will I receive a stipend during my internship?

    After arriving in the Netherlands, you will work as an intern for a maximum of four weeks, depending on your clinic. During this period, EDE will provide you with a stipend and a place to stay.

  • When will I find out where I get to work in the Netherlands?

    In the Netherlands. We will organize an interview with the most suitable dental clinic for you in the Netherlands and we will guide you through the process.


  • I already know a little Dutch, is it possible to shorten the course?

    The programme can be adjusted after consultation with your teachers. As soon as they have ascertained that you’ve mastered the Dutch language to B1 level, you can move to the Netherlands.

  • How much would it cost for my friends or family members to stay overnight when they come to visit me in Seefeld?

    If the person in question shares your room, the price per person per day with breakfast is € 40,- or € 70,- with breakfast & dinner. If a separate double room is required, it will be € 90,- per room per day with breakfast, or € 160,- per room with breakfast & dinner.

  • Do I receive a diploma upon completion of the programme in Seefeld?

    You will receive an EDE-certificate when you have completed the course. In the Netherlands, you will take an oficial state exam.

  • Where will I be placed?

    EDE has links with a number of practices in the Netherlands. EDE will negotiate a placement for you with a suitable dental practice in the Netherlands.

  • My family is coming for a visit. Can I take time off?

    Unfortunately, that’s not an option. During your stay in Seefeld, the programme has to be your number one priority.

  • Is it possible for my partner to move to the Netherlands with me?

    Yes, that is possible. For more information and the conditions and requirements, please contact EDE.

  • Will additional language classes be provided in the Netherlands?

    Yes. EDE offers an additional course in Dutch, after your arrival. The course consists of independent study, weekly advisory sessions and classes in communication taught by professional teachers.

  • How long does the language course take?

    The course duration is three months on average, dependent upon your performance.

  • What happens if you are unable to master the language?

    During the course in Seefeld, you will receive excellent supervision and guidance.
    If it turns out that the Dutch language really is too hard for you, it is possible to
    return home after consulting with your teachers.

  • Is our weekend time our own?

    On Saturdays, the morning or afternoon will be used for a mandatory alternative class. You have the rest of the day off. Sundays are your own time, with occasional exceptions.

  • If I arrange my own registration under the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (Wet BIG) prior to the course, will I receive a discount?

    No, you will not receive a discount. We do appreciate you arranging your own registration. If you have not done so, we are more than happy to help you.

  • What is the size of the group participating in the programme?

    Between 20 and 40 candidates start the training course at the same time. The classes themselves, however, are taught in groups of eight at the most.

  • Will I have to share my room at the Academy with other candidates?

    Usually not. In the unusual event that the hotel is filled to capacity, you might have to share a room with another candidate.

  • Where will I live?

    Where you’ll live depends on where you’ll work. EDE offers assistance in finding a place to live as well as a place to work.

  • I would like to hear from Spanish dentists already living and working in the Netherlands. Is it possible to contact some of them?

    Yes, that’s no problem! Send an email with your name and requirements, and we will put you in touch with colleagues who have gone before you.

  • What does EDE do, specifically?

    EDE offers professionals extensive training in Dutch (including an integration course) and guarantees placement in the Netherlands. Furthermore, EDE offers supervision and guidance throughout the track, from application to complete integration into Dutch society.

  • Is there a placement guarantee?

    EDE invests in you and we will do everything to provide you with a job in the Netherlands

  • Do the teachers speak other languages, apart from Dutch?

    EDE teachers speak several languages, but they will mostly speak Dutch to you.

  • When is my Dutch considered good enough for me to go the Netherlands?

    As soon as you have mastered the Dutch language to B1 level.

  • What does the internship entail?

    During your internship, you'll get acquainted with the Dutch way of working and with your new colleagues. EDE will keep in touch with you and your clinic.

  • If my training takes more time than planned, would the course fees be higher?

    No, the fees remain the same and cover the package as a whole, as discussed in the study agreement.

  • When are the classes taught?

    Classes are taught from Monday through Friday. On Saturday, we provide an alternative programme.

  • Are any activities planned for the evenings during the course?

    We organize fun evening activities on a regular basis, some of which are mandatory.

  • Are there laundry facilities at the hotel?

    Yes, a laundry room is available at the hotel, with a washer, dryer, and ironing board, all available to use free of charge.

  • Upon completion of the training course, will I go to the Netherlands immediately?

    EDE decides when you’ll go to the Netherlands and will arrange your flight and accommodation. Successful completion of your training course is one of our conditions.

  • Can we influence the decision about where we will work in the Netherlands?

    No, it is not possible to choose where you will work. You can, however, make a note of your preferences. If possible, we will take these preferences into account.

  • Is it possible to cancel the study agreement while already participating in the programme (in the event of an illness in the family, for instance)?

    The study agreement cannot be cancelled. If an unexpected situation comes up, it is possible to consult with EDE. During your stay in Seefeld, it is possible to go back to Spain for a brief period of time, if necessary, but only after consulting both your teachers and EDE.

  • Who will help me to find a place to live?

    After your arrival in the Netherlands, EDE will provide guidance on anything that needs to be arranged, like finding a place to live, setting up insurance cover, registrations, etcetera.

  • What happens if my level of proficiency in Dutch is not good enough?

    You leave the Academy at Seefeld once you have mastered Dutch to B1 level. 

  • I’m currently taking courses in Spain. Is it possible for me to return to Spain for classes or exams during the language course?

    It is possible to go to back to Spain during your training in Seefeld, after consulting with your teachers. Please note that you will have to meet any travel costs incurred.

  • How often will our rooms be cleaned?

    Your room will be cleaned once a week.

  • Does the hotel have Wi-Fi?

    Yes, there is Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, free of charge. Additionally, the rooms have internet cable ports.

  • Is there a supermarket close to the hotel?

    Yes. Five minutes walking distance from the hotel, you can find a large Spar supermarket.

  • Is it possible to switch practices?

    You enter into a contract with a specific practice. In this contract, you can find the options and conditions of your employment.

  • In what language is the study agreement drawn up?

    The study agreement is in English.

  • I have a friend who is also interested in participating in the programme. When is the next course?

    That’s great! The training course starts twice a year, in March and in September. For applications, please contact EDE.

  • What factors into the decision about placement location?

    This is dependent upon job openings.

  • Is it possible for me to opt for further training in the Netherlands, or specialize?

    Yes, it is. If you’d like, EDE can get you started on this.

  • How do I contact EDE?

    You can contact EDE here.

  • Are there social activities I can attend in the Netherlands?

    Yes. EDE regularly organizes “getting acquainted parties”, dinners, skiing weekends, sailing trips and other fun and interesting excursions.

  • What sorts of outings and trips are possible in the region?

    Hotel Wetterstein is centrally located in Europe. You can get to Germany or Italy in no time and could take a fun trip to Munich or Verona, for example. Heading deeper into Austria is also a possibility. The Seefeld area itself is worthwhile as well.

  • Is there a gym available in or near the hotel?

    There is a gym within walking distance of the hotel.

  • Will the practice where I intern also be my place of work?

    We cannot be sure about that.

  • Is it possible to iron clothes?

    Yes, the laundry room has an iron and ironing board available.

  • Is there a weekend programme?

    On the weekends, we offer a number of activities alternating with days off.

  • Are there other sports facilities present?

    Yes, there is a swimming pool connected to the hotel. You get one free swim a week. If you wish to use it more often you will have to pay € 8 on each occasion. Apart from these options, the town of Seefeld offers excellent opportunities for hiking, mountainbiking, skiing, jogging, mountain climbing and more.

  • Is there an emergency contact available in the Netherlands?

    Absolutely. There will be someone available at all times in case of emergencies.

    Contact information will be provided to you upon arrival in the Netherlands.