The EDE track in the Netherlands

You’ve arrived in the Netherlands. Now what? At first, you’ll stay with a host family, at a B&B or in a hotel. You’ll have time to adjust to Dutch culture and prepare for your internship or job interviews.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to get to work straight away. We’ll make sure that you’ll have plenty to do, that you get intensive guidance in the process of attending job interviews or that you can intern at a dental practice. As soon as you’re in the Netherlands, your follow-up language training starts. The sooner you master Dutch at a higher level, the easier your work becomes. And again, we make sure that you have regular “getting acquainted” parties to look forward to.

Interning at a Dutch dental practice

Before you gain employment at one of the practices connected to EDE, you’ll work for a time as an intern (duration depends on the practice). During your internship, EDE arranges and pays for a place to stay. With a host family, at a B&B or a hotel. During this time, you’ll get acquainted with the practice staff and both you and they will decide about your future there. You’ll have time to adjust to the Dutch way of working and the demands and protocols of your new practice.

Steady employment at a dental practice

If you find the right fit, and both you and your new colleagues have decided that you have a future together, you can sign either a permanent contract or an engagement agreement. As soon as that’s taken care of, there’s a fair amount of things that still need to be arranged: finding a place to live, registering with the local authority, setting up health insurance cover, decorating your apartment, opening a bank account, etcetera. EDE is there every step of the way.

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Back to school

There is more to the EDE training course than the three months in Seefeld. You’re required to take follow-up classes for another three months in the Netherlands and you'll take a state exam. Not an easy feat, since you’ll be studying while already at work.

What you'll learn and do:

  • Improve your proficiency in Dutch 
  • Independently study the course material
  • One-on-one classes from a professional teacher, who also speaks Spanish
  • A flexible class schedule to accommodate your working hours, to be planned by you
  • Classes in communication as well as supervision
  • A state exam 
  • Fun meetings, “getting acquainted” parties, dinners, and excursions, planned by EDE