Why EDE?

With EDE, launching your career as a dentist in the Netherlands will be organized perfectly. Dutch practices are sure to welcome our highly motivated candidates. EDE makes sure the complete process, from selection to placement, runs smoothly for all parties involved.


Thorough supervision and reliable guidance

The dentists we select are ambitious. They are enterprising and eager to take this big step in their careers. While there’s a lot for them to arrange, they’re supported every step of the way by EDE when it comes to practical matters, such as applying for permits, setting up insurance cover, and finding a place to live. Additionally, we like to help everyone feel at ease and at home, we even ensure that they have the occasional party to attend.

Highly motivated professionals for your practice

Looking to add a dentist to your practice? With EDE, you are sure to get a highly motivated employee or colleague. Our dentists are thoroughly vetted, enterprising professionals: a true find and valuable addition to your practice. With your guidance and supervision from the very start, they’ll be working according to your protocols within no time.

Frequently asked questions about this subject

  • Why is there a shortage of dentists in the Netherlands?

    Each year, a limited number of students are admitted to pursue a course of study in dentistry. More than a third of Dutch dentists are over the age of 50, and the rapidly aging workforce has a strong effect on the market. Another factor is the high percentage of female dentists, who more often work part-time because of family obligations. All of this leads to a large number of job openings in the Dutch job market.

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